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Honeyroot Live Resin Delta 8 THC O Knockout Blend 2g disposable vape Unicorn Piss

Honeyroot's Knock Out blend of Live Resin Delta 8 and THC O will de-stress and relax you with just a hit or two.  The live resin process of extracting distillate from frozen buds give you everything the hemp plant has to offer.  Unicorn piss has always been consider one of the strongest stains of cannabis.  Get ready for the ultimate!
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Honeyroot THC-O 2g Disposable Vape Bar Grape Ape Indica

Honeyroot's The Hive THC O 2g disposable vape bar is the next level.  If you have tried Delta 8 and want something more, then Honeyroot's The Hive THC O disposable vape bar is what you are looking for.  This stuff is strong!  You won't be disappointed!  The 2g vape bar in Grape Ape is a great indica strain.  You'll enjoy the delicious flavor with the super relaxing effects of THC O.
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