Like Delta 8? Try Delta 10

Delta 8 is a hemp derived product giving a slightly euphoric feeling along with a sense of relaxation and calm. Delta 8 is available in many different forms. Delta 8 is THC. It is still a cannabinoid, but you will test positive for THC if drug tested. There are gummies, candies, vape and other smoke products. If Delta 8 is to be described as an indica strain, then Delta10 is it’s sativa cousin. Delta 10 is also THC. Though milder than Delta 8, Delta 10 will still show as THC in a drug test.

Delta 8 has a relaxing and calming effect which can last from four to six hours. Delta 8 is being used by people with anxiety and sleep issues along with people suffering from pain and soreness in joints and muscles. Delta 10 will give you more of an energy boost. It won’t stop you from going to sleep, but it will give you a feeling of focus and awareness, unlike Delta 8. Delta 10 is produced the same way Delta 8 is. It is a legal hemp derived product.

If you are looking for something a little different, try Delta 10. You’ll stay focused and clear headed but will enjoy a euphoric sense of awareness. Pick up a pack of gummies or a vape cart the next time you’re in your health and wellness store!

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