Everything you need to know about CBD edibles from Skin Dipt - Bel Air, Maryland

From gummies to capsules, candies to tinctures, CBD edibles are the most popular ways to consume cannabis and CBD and Skin Dipt offers a variety of expertly-selected CBD edible products available for sale in our Baltimore, Maryland area store and to all 50 states online. Often, customers come into our store looking for more information about the different types and benefits of CBD edibles. We want to provide our local and online customers with as much resource information as possible so that you can make the best decisions for your own health and cannabis use.

What are CBD edibles?

If you can imagine any food or beverage that exists there is likely a CBD infused version of it available on the market. Some of the most popular varieties of CBD edibles are food/snack items that are small and easy to consume measured doses with – such as CBD gummies and oils/tinctures. Eating CBD edibles is an effective way to introduce the cannabinoid to the body without and smoking or vaping involved, which is popular among all cannabis users – non-smokers and smokers alike. 

CBD is cannabidiol – a 100% federally 50 states legal cannabinoid derived from cannabis, specifically hemp plants. CBD is a chemical compound contained in cannabis plants that is often used for anxiety, pain, sleep, relaxation, inflammation and other health complications.

Some CBD edible products can contain only the isolated chemical compound CBD, and others are full or broad spectrum. Hemp plants contain a variety of cannabinoids one of which is CBD. So a full spectrum product would contain all cannabinoids, a broad spectrum one would contain some or most of the beneficial available cannabinoids and an isolate based product would contain only CBD. Any THC contained in our CBD edibles are below legal limit levels – less than .3% The graphic below shows most of the popular and beneficial cannabinoids and their common benefits of use.

THC FREE EDIBLES – we sell edibles made with lab verified CBD isolate, meaning it ONLY contains CBD and is completely THC free – for our customers who wish to use products containing no THC at all.

What types, flavors and sizes of CBD Edibles do we sell?

We sell a variety of CBD edibles available in different forms and flavors. 

  • Tinctures/oils – small bottles with droppers that can be taken sublingually or mixed in drinks and food. Various sizes and potencies available. 
  • Gummies – mostly small fruit flavored gummy snacks. The measured doses on each individual gummy piece makes dosing easy to get exactly right for each individual. 
  • Capsules – premade CBD easy to swallow capsules, quick and easy!

Where to buy quality CBD edibles?

In most communities there are many newly opening local CBD stores now that sell a variety of CBD products.CBD edibles can also be found at smoke/head shops, pharmacies and even gas stations. You can certainly find good quality products in different places, but recent studies and test have found that often products claiming to contain CBD contained no CBD, less than advertised or contained other undesirable ingredients. We choose and purchase the best natural and lab-verified products for our Bel Air, Maryland store/dispensary and our online customers. We have certificates of authentication available for all of our products in-store and online so you can see the lab reports for each batch of the products that we stock. We want to only offer the best and most effective CBD edibles to our customers!

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