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Your premier Maryland CBD supplier. From varieties of flowers sold at our Bel Air dispensary to all types of CBD flower products and even bulk CBD flower, Skin Dipt offers every variety of CBD flower for sale. 

You will never see water as an ingredient in Skin Dipt skincare products. By not using water as a filler, we are able to make our creams and balms with ingredients that are beneficial to maintaining  youthful  and vibrant skin.  Most skincare products list water as the main ingredient.  These manufactures use water to dilute the ingredients.

We only use 100% pure essential oils in all of our products. We have carefully created recipes that enhance the benefits of the essential oils we use. All of our carrier oils are also 100% pure and all natural.

What is CBD Flower?

CBD is growing in new markets every day and CBD Flower is the flowers or buds of a hemp plant, typically bread for high CBD and low THC content. At our store in Bel Air, Maryland, we sell cured and packaged smokable hemp flower. We source our flower from NDA licensed growers and ensure we stock a variety of top shelf CBD flower products 7 days a week! We work closely with growers that are licensed and registered and all of our industrial hemp is inspected for issues like moisture or impurities and tested to contain a 50-states, federally compliant THC concentration of less than 0.3%. CBD Flower can be smoked like tobacco or any other form or cannabis and produces instantaneous relaxing, uplifting and positive effects. 

CBD Flower Available In Our Baltimore Area Store and Online

We sell a variety of CBD products at our CBD supply store in Bel Air and we also sell online and ship nationwide. We love to help new customers and people new to CBD in general. We pride ourselves on our staff’s knowledge of cannabis and specifically CBD products and know that customers may have specific needs and questions. Visit our store or contact us today to ask about CBD flower products we have available. 

Our store sells farm-fresh CBD flower as a dispensary, so you can come and choose/mix and match which strains and amounts are right for you. We also sell pre-packaged CBD flower for on the go, as well as a variety of CBD pre-rolls – premade CBD joints, blunts and other smokables ready to go. 

Store Hours

Monday – Thursday: 11AM – 6PM

Friday: 10:30AM-6PM

Saturday: 11AM-5pm

Sunday: Closed