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hhemp Delta 8 250mg 10pc Gummies Strawberry

hhemp  Delta 8 gummies contain 250mg of Delta 8 in a delicious strawberry flavor.  Each gummy contain 25mg of Delta 8 along with a daily supply of vitamin C and B12. Each gummy only contains 2g of sugar and 2g of carbohydrates.   Made with Tart Cherry, Elderberry and Goji Berry, they are non GMO, Vegan and totally organic.  If you are looking for a unique euphoric feeling in a total health and wellness gummy, hhemp's Delta 8 gummies are it!
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Oilwell CBD 200mg Fruityy Bedrocks Marshmallow Cereal Treat

Oilwell's CBD fruity rice crisp cereal and marshmallow bar treat with 200mg of CBD.  If you are looking for something sweet and different to get your CBD, this is it.  A delicious blend of fruity cereal and marshmallow, along with 200mg of CBD, in a convenient resealable container.
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Watermelon Mexican CBD Lollipops 250mg 0%THC

A delicious way to get 250mg of Broard Spectrum, 0% THC, CBD.  This Mexican candy lollipop is watermelon flavored with a slight taste of chili.  A lot sweet and a little spice!
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