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Foxwell Farms 1000mg Delta-8 Moonrock 3.5g Strawberry Wine

Foxwell Farm’s, Foxwell Lab’s Moonrocks are premium, hand trimmed CBD flower coated in 1000mg of Delta-8 concentrate per 1/8th! Each bud is coated in a Delta-8 and rolled in kief.  Grind these great looking buds up for hours of enjoyment.  Strawberry Wine is their sativa strain.
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Toke Delta-8 1g Vape Cart Anxiety

Toke 1g vape cart for anxiety is formulated by a pharmacologist and board-certified toxicologist with a proprietary terpene profile for anxiety.   Toke vape carts use only premium ingredients and the highest quality tanks.  They are 510 thread.  Manage your stress all naturally
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