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Bloomble Delta-8 Pre-Roll 1g

Bloomble's Delta 8 1g pre-roll is the perfect way to try and experience the unique feeling of Delta 8 THC.  Unlike Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 give you a euphoric experience without the psychoactive high you get from Delta 9 THC found in Marijuana.  Delta 8 is derived from 100% legal hemp grown in the USA.  If you are looking for a very relaxing and stress relieving experience, Delta 8 is for you.
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Foxwell Farms 1g 200mg Delta-8 Moonstick Pre-roll Strawberry Wine

Local growers, Foxwell Farms is bringing us Foxwell Labs Delta 8 Moonstick pre-roll in their delicious Strawberry Wine strain.  This is a 1g pre-roll with 200mg of delta8 and 38.1% other cannabinoids, is rolled with cannabinoid rich Kief!  Enjoy all the benefits of hemp trichomes.  If you're ready for something different, this is it!  Get a great euphoric feeling that relieves pain and stress better than ever!
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Lancaster County Cannabis Critical D8 pre-rolls Delta-8 .5g 2 pack

Lancaster County Cannabis' Critical D8 is a locally produced Delta 8 pre-rolls.  Each sealed tube has two .5g Delta 8 pre-rolls.  These pre-rolls are huge!  They look more like a full gram!  If you are looking for a peaceful and calming fun feeling, this is it!
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