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Effex Delta-10 1g Vape Cart Sativa Maui Wowie

Effex Premium Delta 10 1g vape cart in Maui Wowie is hot!  Delta 10 is the latest all hemp derived product to hit the market.  You’ve heard of Delta 8, well, it’s definitely on the indica side.  Delta 10 gives you a similar euphoric sensation like delta 8, but more on the sativa side!  Sit back and enjoy!
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Effex Delta-10 Gummies 40mg/ea 10 count Tropical Punch

Effex's Delta 10 Gummies are here!  40mg of Delta 10 THC in each Tropical Punch flavored gummy.  Similar to Delta 8, which is more related to indica strains, Delta 10 is more sativa heavy.  Sativa effects are more clarity and focus.  Delta 10 will give you that euphoric feeling but with more energy!
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Koi Delta 10 25mg gummies 20ct Strawberry

Koi's Delta 10 THC gummies, are a new THC derived from hemp. Just the thing for focusing on tackling that project or just needing a great euphoric feeling. Each tasty gummy is infused with 25 mg of Delta-10 THC for uplifting feeling that will keep your brain flying high.  Delta 10 is not CBD and is a form of THC that results in a strong effect, felt by most people.  
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