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Effex Delta-10 Gummies 40mg/ea 10 count Tropical Punch

Effex's Delta 10 Gummies are here!  40mg of Delta 10 THC in each Tropical Punch flavored gummy.  Similar to Delta 8, which is more related to indica strains, Delta 10 is more sativa heavy.  Sativa effects are more clarity and focus.  Delta 10 will give you that euphoric feeling but with more energy!
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Isomer Labs Live Rosin HHC 1g Vape Cart Sour Diesel

Isomer Labs Live Rosin HHC 1g vape cart is perfect for your active lifestyle.  HHC(Hexahydrocannabinol) gives you a similar euphoric feeling like delta 9 but without the drowsiness.  Sour Diesel is a strong sativa strain with earthy and skunky flavors.  If you are looking for help with energy and focus Live Rosin HHC will make you the life of the party!
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