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Foxwell Farm’s 1000mg Delta-8 Moonrocks 3.5g Bubba’s Early Remedy

Foxwell Farm’s, Foxwell Lab’s Moonrocks are premium, hand trimmed CBD flower coated in 1000mg of Delta-8 concentrate per 1/8th! Each bud is coated in a Delta-8 and rolled in kief.  Bubba's Early Remedy is their indica strain and has a mellow flavor perfect for chilling out and reducing the day's stresses.
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Foxwell Labs Delta 8 1g Vape Cart Granddaddy Purple

Foxwell Farms' Foxwell Labs of Anne Arundel County Maryland, brings you a Delta 8 vape cart with the full terpene profile of Granddaddy Purple.  A great indica strain with grape flavors and the great euphoric feeling of Delta 8.  Buy local with great local products from Foxwell Farms!
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Honeyroot Live Resin Delta 8 THC O Knockout Blend 2g disposable vape Unicorn Piss

Honeyroot's Knock Out blend of Live Resin Delta 8 and THC O will de-stress and relax you with just a hit or two.  The live resin process of extracting distillate from frozen buds give you everything the hemp plant has to offer.  Unicorn piss has always been consider one of the strongest stains of cannabis.  Get ready for the ultimate!
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Koi Vape Cart 1g Blackberry Kush

Koi's Delta-8 1g vape cart contains 100% Hemp derived Delta 8 THC.  These vape cartridges feature a ceramic coil and are compatible with standard batteries with a 510 thread.  Enjoy the great flavor and indica terpenes of Blackberry Kush.
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