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Leef Organics Steep CBN Bath Tea 23.75mg

Leef's multi-cannabinoid CBN and CBD Bath Tea, helps you to fall asleep and promote a more restful and complete night's sleep. Fall into a relaxing state with Leef's CBN infused bath time tea for the entire body. A whole body soak that soothes the body and encourages more REM sleep while nourishing the skin. It also relieves topical skin irritations and has a pleasant aromatic experience.
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Sublingual drops Indica 750mg 5ml Multicannabinoid Sleep

Multicannabinoids include CBD, CBG and CBN, all in a 1/1/1 concentration. There is nothing else like it anywhere!  Perfect to end your day with.  Several drops under the tongue just before bed and you will get a good night's sleep and a lot more of it.  It will take away those aches and pains from your sore muscles and relax your mind to get you ready for bed!
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