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Lancaster County Cannabis 3.5g Hawaiian Haze

Lancaster County Cannabis is locally gown Hemp by Amish farmer in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.  Premium, hand trimmed CBD flower  available in 3.5g resealable containers.  Hawaiian Haze is a smooth and balanced sativa strain with a fruity, floral aroma.  It contains 19.45% total cannabinoids.
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Original Hemp 750mg CBD Capsules Energy

Original Hemp's 750mg CBD Capsules Energy are made to help you recover from your daily workouts and hard work days faster. Made with green tea leaf, L-Tyrosine and 25mg of full spectrum CBD, each Energy capsule is created with all natural, high quality ingredients. They are designed to give you the energy you need to get the job done and get ready for the next task.  Other ingredients: MCT oil, Vitamin E, and vegetable cellulose capsule.  
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