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Learn more about Skin Dipt, and our products.

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Welcome to Skin Dipt

Inside you will find skincare products made with all-natural, organic ingredients. Our skincare products contain no preservatives, no paraffins, no chemicals and no water. We have taken great efforts to bring you an all-natural, totally green skincare product. Skin Dipt was created for sensitive skin. You only have four to seven layers of skin around your face and eyes compared to eleven to seventeen over the rest of your body. You need to take special care of the skin around your eyes and face.

Hand made, Pure Ingredients

All of Skin Dipt products are made by hand and mixed in small batches. This ensure that we maintain a high level of quality control over the ingredients, mixing times and packaging.

You will never see water as an ingredient in Skin Dipt skincare products. By not using water as a filler, we are able to make our creams and balms with ingredients that are beneficial to maintaining  youthful  and vibrant skin.  Most skincare products list water as the main ingredient.  These manufactures use water to dilute the ingredients.

We only use 100% pure essential oils in all of our products. We have carefully created recipes that enhance the benefits of the essential oils we use. All of our carrier oils are also 100% pure and all natural.

Everyday Use Products

We have created Eye and Face creams, a Body Butter and Lip Balms. These Skin Dipt creams and balms allow your skin to naturally heal and retain your own body’s moisture. When applied correctly, Skin Dipt skincare leaves your skin feeling satin smooth and refreshed. 60% of what you put on your skin will be absorbed into your body. There is no reason to be putting chemicals in your body. Skin Dipt is all organic and all natural. We felt there was a need for affordable skincare products that used only natural oils and butters and have no chemicals.

Our creams do more than just moisturize and reduce wrinkles. Most of the essential oils we use have antiseptic and natural healing properties. Once you start using Skin Dipt in your daily skincare routine, you will wonder how you ever used anything else.

Shop with Us Today

Inside you will find detailed descriptions of all the Skin Dipt skincare products. There will be a comprehensive list of ingredients and the benefits of each ingredient and how it’s properties will help to rejuvenate and make your skin look and feel more youthful.

Thank you for exploring the benefits of all-natural skincare and thank you for visiting Skin Dipt.

Store Hours

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